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Spinnaker SoftwareEasy Working Writer v1.03 (1987)

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Easy Working Writer v1.03 for ProDOS from Spinnaker Software, 1987.

(This blurb is from a review of the DOS version, but the article mentions that Apple II and Commodore versions were also included in the box.)
Easy Working Writer comes much closer to being a workable program, particularly if your word processing is limited to business letters, basic school reports, and the like. That may suffice for many home and small business users.

Written in 1988, Writer appears to be an early version of the word processor Spinnaker now includes in Better Working Eight-in-One, a spiffy, integrated bargain-basement package that also offers a spreadsheet, database and communications software.

Writter supports a variety of Epson, IBM, Okidata, Star and Panasonic dot-matrix printers. Given the age of the software, most of these are older models, but you can probably find a driver that will work with a newer printer.

Don't expect to play many formatting tricks. Writer supports underlining, boldface and italics in the printer's default typeface. That's it, but it may be enough for casual users.

Writer lets you add headers and footers to documents, with automatic page numbering. You can define blocks of copy and change the type attribute or line spacing of the block. While you can set margins and tab stops for the whole document, you can't indent blocks of type.

The screen displays your document more-or-less as it will look when you print it. This includes the spaces at the top and bottom of each page, as well as headers and footers.

There are a couple of nice features. For example, if you're working with floppy disks and run out of space, the program allows you to format a new floppy without exiting to DOS and losing what you've written.

You also have a choice of saving your document in Writer's own format (including printer codes) or as a standard text file that can be imported into other word processors.

The spelling checker shows its age. The dictionary is not large and inaccurately flags compound or hyphenated words and some contractions. You can add these words to the dictionary as they come up, but it's a pain in the neck.

The spell checker also lacks a look-up feature. When it flags a word it doesn't recognize, it doesn't offer alternative spellings. It's up to you to correct it.
From Quality software abounds for less than the cost of a pizza

This item is part of the collection: The Business Case

Identifier: apple_2_easy_working_writer_v1.03_prodos_spinnaker_1987_side_1
Emulator: apple2e
Emulator_ext: dsk
Mediatype: software
Scanner: Internet Archive Python library 0.5.0
Publicdate: 2014-02-01 03:43:12
Addeddate: 2014-02-01 03:43:12
Creator: Spinnaker Software
Date: 1987
Year: 1987

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